• Alex de Vos – teacher

    Alex de Vos – teacher

    Alex has a great rapport with his students and has been teaching children’s classes at Canberra Potters for more than two decades.

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  • Anna O’Neale – teacher

    Anna O’Neale – teacher

    Anna is one of the vibrant members of Canberra Potters teaching staff. She is a practicing ceramicist and easily transfers her enthusiasm for ceramic arts through her teaching.

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  • Cathy Franzi – teacher

    Cathy Franzi – teacher

    Cathy holds a Doctorate of Visual Arts (Ceramics) from the Australian National University School of Art and is a full-time studio artist. Cathy teaches adult and children’s classes at Canberra Potters.

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  • Chris Harford – teacher

    Chris Harford – teacher

    Chris is one of our most experienced and respected teachers. He’s a professional practicing potter who has won numerous national awards and his work graces the tables of several Canberra restaurants and cafes.

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  • Erin Kocaj – teacher

    Erin Kocaj – teacher

    Erin has taught adult and children’s classes at Canberra Potters since joining the teaching staff in 2016.

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  • Fran Romano – teaching assistant

    Fran Romano – teaching assistant

    Fran is a practising ceramicist and graduate from ANU School of Art & Design. She has been involved with Canberra Potters for many years. Currently she enjoys helping out in the children’s classes and is constantly inspired by their creativity.

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  • Georgina Bryant – teacher

    Georgina Bryant – teacher

    Georgina’s has been teaching at Canberra Potters since 2014 and takes great pleasure in sharing her skills as her students discover the joy of working with clay.

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  • Jackie Lallemand – teaching assistant

    Jackie Lallemand – teaching assistant

    Jackie has been teaching both children and adults for Canberra Potters since 2010 and regularly teaches our visiting school groups.

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  • Josephine Townsend – teacher

    Josephine Townsend – teacher

    Jo’s experience as a secondary school arts teacher coupled with her ceramic practice, allows her to guide students through their clay learning at Canberra Potters.

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  • Katrina Leske – teacher

    Katrina Leske – teacher

    Katrina is a practicing ceramicist who is primarily interested in wheel-throwing and glaze chemistry. She loves to share her passion for ceramics with her students and is always keen to learn new techniques and find answers for them.

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  • Maryke Henderson – teacher

    Maryke Henderson – teacher

    Maryke is a practicing ceramic artist and potter whose reputation as an arts educator regularly sees her engaged in running workshops and short courses nationally and internationally.

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  • Paul Dumetz – teaching assistant

    Paul Dumetz – teaching assistant

    One of our important team of teaching assistants, Paul’s keen interest in depicting animals through his artwork resonates particularly with children. His knowledge of ceramics and workshop practices is highly valued by the teaching staff.

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  • Richilde Flavell – teacher

    Richilde Flavell – teacher

    Richilde has been teaching adult classes at Canberra Potters since 2016 and has a strong focus on helping her students achieve their artistic goals.

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  • Steve Roper – teacher

    Steve Roper – teacher

    Steve’s extensive experience as both an artist and school teacher makes him a valued member of Canberra Potters teaching staff. Teaching here since 2015 Steve is popular with adults and children alike.

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  • Suzanne Fox – teacher

    Suzanne Fox – teacher

    Suzanne is a practical hands-on teacher who gains immense satisfaction from helping her students achieve competent and confident work that reaches their expectations.

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  • Tony Steel – teacher

    Tony Steel – teacher

    Tony’s practical and inclusive approach to clay education is popular among children and effective when working with those with disabilities.

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