• Andres Caycedo

    Andres Caycedo

    A practicing full-time ceramicist during the past 7 years, Andres Caycedo has recently completed a Bachelor of Design Arts at ANU majoring in ceramics. He specializes in mould making and slip casting. His current work is focused on the exploration of geometry in the field of architectural ceramics. This particular line of work includes research […]

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  • Fran Romano

    Fran Romano

    Fran Romano’s work is inspired by history and nostalgia. In both her art practise and her production work, she explores themes of longing, loss and memory. Using a variety of methods, including print on clay techniques, she aims to achieve an aged and weathered result, building up the ‘history’ of each object. Whether making for an […]

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  • Jo Victoria

    Jo Victoria

    Jo Victoria works primarily with porcelain and her recent work involves mixing organic material in porcelain slip and firing to reveal remnant shells. It is a developing experimental process that explores the translucent qualities of porcelain. Jo has recently completed a MVA at the ANU School of Art and Design and is developing an independent art […]

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  • Lesley Lebkowicz

    Lesley Lebkowicz

    Lesley Lebkowicz has been a practicing ceramic artist for over three years. During this time she has been a regular participant in continuing education courses through Canberra Potters completing specialist courses with Cathy Franzi and Rick Beviss. In 2016 she refined her throwing skills through an intensive Summer School with Malcolm Cooke and has continued […]

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  • Lia Tacjnar

    Lia Tacjnar

    Lia Tajcnar has been a practicing artist for over 25 years and is currently focusing on ceramics. Her practice is about exploring experimental ways of working with clay and using complexity in three dimensional form to engage with ideas of perception and representing the process of creativity. Concepts are integrated into creating interesting problems to solve, […]

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  • Richilde Flavell

    Richilde Flavell

    Richilde Flavell is a Canberra based emerging artist working with ceramics. Primarily designing and making functional ceramics under her label Girl Nomad Ceramics. Richilde experiments with a variety of clays and glazes, to make work that is subtle, featuring soft lines with contrasting and complementary elements. Each piece of Richilde’s wheel thrown, functional work is unique. Her […]

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  • Shesha (Raj) Reddy

    Shesha (Raj) Reddy

    Shesha (Raj) Reddy ’s current area of interest is an exploration of functional-ware as sculpture in the domestic setting, which combines his interest in ceramic processes and prototyping methods as a way to iterate design ideas. After pursuing ceramic arts studies at the ANU from 2012-2014, Raj transferred to the ANU Sculpture workshop with the objective of incorporating other media into of his […]

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  • Verney Burness

    Verney Burness

    Verney graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Visual Arts from the Australian National University School of Art, majoring in Ceramics. She was awarded The Trudie Alfred Bequest Ceramics Scholarship, a national student award, in 2012 and an EASS award for Artist in Resident at Canberra Potters Society in 2013. She continues to exhibit her […]

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