• Alexander de Vos

    Alexander de Vos

    An interest in medieval history informs and inspires Alexander’s range of functional ware. Earthy glazes and traditional illustrative motifs are reminiscent of an earlier moment in time.

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  • Anne Langridge

    Anne Langridge

    Anne is a long time member of potters place and her unique garden pot designs are original and striking in form and decoration.

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  • Emma Fleetwood

    Emma Fleetwood

    Emma Fleetwood is an early career potter focussing on handbuilt works in raku clays and porcelain.

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  • Georgina Bryant

    Georgina Bryant

    Georgina’s items are crafted with care, artistry and a focus on combining beauty and function to bring the warmth of the handmade into our every day.

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  • Jacqueline Lewis

    Jacqueline Lewis

    Jacqueline’s layered tactile surfaces lend each piece an individual character. Her hand built forms and vessels display a quite authority conducive to contemplation.

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  • Judy McDonald

    Judy McDonald

    Judy is a potter of many years experience evident in her expertly thrown pottery and decorative wares.

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  • Marion Robinson

    Marion Robinson

    Marion has been a shop member since its inception in 2001. Her work covers a wide range of ceramic sculptural and functional ware.

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  • Marlene Flanagan

    Marlene Flanagan

    A potter with many years of practical experience Marlene’s range of tableware and terracotta pots are a pleasure to use and look at.

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  • Maryanne Devey

    Maryanne Devey

    Nature inspired pieces of stoneware ceramic table and functional ware is Maryanne’s speciality.

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  • Maryke Henderson

    Maryke Henderson

    Maryke’s mastery of the soda firing technique gives her work a distinctive look and texture. Her work ranges from functional ware to large sculptural pieces.

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  • Paul Dumetz

    Paul Dumetz

    On a brooch or as an ornament Paul’s animal creations draw you into the artists charming vision of the world.

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  • Shirley Dunn

    Shirley Dunn

    Shirley is an artist who enjoys exploring textures and lustres created in ceramics and uses clay as a canvas to express her ideas.

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  • Suzanne Oakman

    Suzanne Oakman

    The artworks Suzanne creates invite the viewer to enter her world of owls, seahorses and rock pools and gaze in wonder at the reflections created through glaze.

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  • Suzanne West

    Suzanne West

    Suzanne’s handmade figurines evoke the feeling of a simpler life: with fine lines, uncluttered decorations and subtle, pale coloured glazes.

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  • Velda Hunter

    Velda Hunter

    Velda’s work displays her passion for celebration and her highly decorative surfaces create a vibrant narrative across many of her functional ware pieces.

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