Class dates and timetable

Timetable T3 2019  

Term dates – 2019

Please note that Canberra Potters’ term classes do not run on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday of a long weekend. Friday classes run as normal.

Workshops and short courses do run on long weekends.

The next term classes are opened for booking in Week 6 of the current term. Except for Introductory courses which will open shortly after the start of the new term.

Adults, and Children’s classes term dates

Term 1 Saturday 9 February to Friday 12 April 2019
Note: Canberra day long weekend falls in this term. The final lesson for Saturday Intro courses only will be April 13.
Term 2 Saturday 4 May to Friday 5 July  2019
Term 3    Saturday 27 July – Friday 27 September
 Term 4                        Saturday 19 October – Friday 20 December

Note: ACT school term ends Monday 16 December therefore all children’s classes are 8 weeks long and finish in the week ending Friday 13 December.

Adult classes are 9 weeks long and finish in the week ending Friday 20 December.

2020 Term Dates

 Term 1   Saturday 8 Feb – Thursday 9 April 
 Term 2                        Saturday 2 May to Friday 3 July 2020
 Term 3  Saturday 25 July to Friday 25 September 2020
 Term 4  Saturday 17 October to Friday 18 December 2020