Workshops with Srinia Chowdhury – artist in residence

Play with clay and make it your canvas  Artist in Residence with Srinia Chowdhury

In these workshops Srinia will take you through some of the endless possibilities for creating fascinating ceramic forms. She will also teach you a variety of techniques for surface decoration to make a lively canvas for your forms and expand your ceramic expressiveness.

Workshops include:

  • Firing,
  • Materials, but not clay. Clay can be bought in the workshop.

*also book into the member’s only event Obvarra firing in September.


Workshop 2- handbuilding sculpture and advanced surface decoration techniques

Sunday 26 & Monday 27 August 10am–4.00pm

Suitable for:

  • People with some ceramics experience – eg at least 2 Canberra Potters’ courses
  • intermediate and experienced potters

This workshop will teach the technique of handbuilding a sculpture using pinching and coiling methods and the various possibilities of making a 3D form. You get to make a small sculpture yourself as well as taking a deeper look into surface decorations and playing with different techniques in one piece.

A glimpse for what’s in store for you:

  • Insight into drawing freehand
  • Building a form from scratch
  • Making clay armatures for big forms
  • Printing on clay
  • Stencil making
  • other surface decoration methods
  • Sources of inspiration
  • Making your own engobes including recipes.
  • presentation of the artist’s work and some references
  • one completed sculpture single fired to cone 6
  • small test pieces to remind you of the techniques

By the end of the workshop you will have a many ideas for creating your own colourful 3D ceramic forms which may or may not need to be glazed. The techniques shared will be easily help you make it a part of your practice.


Petite Porcelain

Sunday 9 September 10am – 1pm


Learn to make unique and personal porcelain small objects and wearables based on your idea and design with ceramic artist Srinia Chowdhury. This unique workshop involves demonstration and knowledge of porcelain providing tips and encouraging everyone to have a go using simple yet attractive techniques from scratch such as drawing, printing and fun surface decorations. You get to make earrings, brooches, fridge magnets, pendants, little vases or coasters. 

This is a family friendly event children over ten accompanied by an adult are welcome.

Includes clay and firing.


Obvarra Firing–Members only event 

Sunday 23 Sept 10am-1pm


This special firing event is available to Canberra Potters members only for more information watch this short video–obvara firing with Srinia

Participants should bring at least 2 bisque fired forms.

Forms should be

  • open, eg plates, bowls, beakers*
  • made of light coloured clay – eg white raku, stoneware clay (but not iron rich clay)
  • and no greater than 20cm x 20cm x 10cm

*Note Obvarra fired forms are not watertight or food safe.



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