Winter School – Professional Practice with Malcolm Greenwood

Malcolm Greenwood  – Professional Practice

Saturday 20 July – Wednesday 24 July 2019 ($750*)

*Please note that your Workshop Fee includes a ticket to the Malcom Greenwood Dinner Talk on Saturday 20 July at 6pm. Details here 

*If you have missed out on booking into the Winter School you can still book to attend the Dinner and Talk with Malcolm by following this link

9 am – 4.30 pm

Workshop 1

Watson Arts Centre

Malcolm Greenwood produces custom designed and handmade table ware for hotels, restaurants and cafes throughout Australia and overseas.  His work has been featured in most of Australia’s leading design and style magazines, food magazines and in the books of several of Australia’s leading chefs. For more about his work visit his website .

Having trained with Makoto Yabe Malcolm follows Japanese traditions and techniques. He will share these skills and his tips, tricks and tools for working efficiently in the studio and taking care of your body. This workshop is packed with information Malcolm will demonstrate many aspects of professional practice. There will be opportunities for you to put a number of these into practice during the workshop.

The workshop will begin with raw glazing and firing, followed by slab making, throwing and interspersed with tool making.

If you have questions about the workshop you can email Malcolm .

Glazing & firing

  • Glaze Recipes
  • Raw glazing……..some important points
  • Mixing Glazes and slips
  • Preparing the work for glazing
  • Applying Glazes
  • Spraying Glazes


  • Loading the kiln…….where different work/glazes should go in the kiln
  • Firing schedule for raw glazing.

Spiral Wedging

  • Demonstration & discussion of how critical wedging is

Throwing & trimming

  • Off the hump
  • Without water………..bed sheet
  • Making and using a Tombo

Slabs & press moulding

  • Slab cutting tool………making and using
  • Slab preparation
  • Demonstration of press moulding
  • Various types of press moulds………discussion and making

Tool Making

  • Ribs, throwing stick
  • Tombo
  • Trimming tools


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