Winter School with John Tuckwell – Working with Light

July 21 – 25 10 – 4pm


Suitable for:

  • People with some ceramics experience – eg at least 2 Canberra Potters’ courses
  • intermediate and experienced potters

Video Link

If you’d like to lean more about John follow this link to his webpage and a short video about his ceramic practice and background.

Porcelain slip constructions workshop.

This workshop will teach the technical knowledge that will enable you to create a variety of forms and colours with slabs of delicate porcelain. There will be lots of demonstrations and time for you to put the techniques into practice. You will be provided with a depth of technical information and time to make pieces that reinforce your new knowledge. Many of the techniques can find a way into other ceramic work.

Why slip and why porcelain?

  • Loving your slip. How to mix and maintain runny clay.
  • Mixing paper into slip.
  • Blending and colouring Porcelain slips.
  • Simple slip casting. Making a story inside a mould.
  • Demonstration of making a plaster slab.
  • Laminating coloured clay on and off a plaster slab.
  • Adding colour after casting. The work is not finished till it leaves the studio.
  • Joining A to B. Construction techniques.
  • Sources of inspiration.

John aims to build an inclusive group that produces new ideas and mixes the theory with the demo and the hands on.

The target will be to get through a lot of information so that you are equipped to take this knowledge and make it part of your practice.


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