Traditional Korean Onggii Pots


Learn how to make traditional handbuilt Onggii pots with Korean master potter Kwak Kyungtae.

Friday 12 July to Monday 15 July
10am – 4pm

$700 – clay and firing included

Students will learn the ancient techniques of large pot making known as Onggi, used traditionally for fermentation and storage in Korea. The technique is unique in the world in its efficiency of movement and the speed at which substantially large pots can be produced.

The Onggi method will be separated into various techniques:

  • Stretching coils (Taryeom)
  • Making the base
  • The coiling method (Taryeom-jil)
  • Paddling (Sure-jil)
  • Shaping with a double ribs (Geungae-jil)

Each technique will be studied in depth and combined to form a jar on the wheel in the traditional style.

Students will learn the function of each tool, and a limited number of sets of handmade tools will be available for sale.

This will be an excellent opportunity for those wishing to make larger work or for those who handbuild to learn a faster way of working.

There are only a handful of Onggi masters left in Korea, and fewer still willing to teach their methods in a workshop style. A truly once in a lifetime opportunity.

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