Surface Design & Development

We are offering a new short course at the end of Term 4 on two consecutive Tuesday nights. This course will look at the elements of design and how to apply these to developing your own individual surface decorations.

Suzanne Oakman will help you explore the principles of design, and apply those principles to surface colour and texture. You will use under glazes and slips. Suzanne will fire and glaze your work for you. the curse includes all materials and a visual art diary.

About the Presenter

Suzanne is deeply influenced by the natural environment and her ceramic artwork is informed by her interest in scientific photography and her background as an art teacher. Her deft and expressive surface creations often begin with a research based design process where she identifies and explores her subject before formulating the best way to achieve the desired outcome. Microscopic views of insects, a pattern on a moths wing or an ancient fossil are all inspiration for unique surface design and creation.
She says of her work, “I have always been interested in the way light affects the colours and textures on the surface of a piece…I enjoy exploring experimental techniques that add to my surface palette” Join Suzanne over two evenings as she takes participants through her design process that will help you achieve a new way of viewing surface creation.

This course includes clay and firing.

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