Soda Firing with Maryke Henderson

This course is run over 4 Sundays —  May 6, 13, 20, 27.  

Suitable for:

  • intermediate to experienced potters
  • people wishing to use the CPS soda kiln for their own firings

This course will teach all the basics of soda firing and, on completion of the course, students assessed as competent will be licenced to use the Canberra Potters soda kiln.


Day 1 — 10am-1pm

  • Introduction to Soda Firing
  • The soda kiln
  • Maintenance. Kiln and shelf washes
  • Mix and apply slips
  • Pots to be bisque fired in readiness for week 2

Day 2 — 10am-1pm

  • Apply liner glazes to pots
  • Prepare fireboxes
  • Pack kiln
  • Seal kiln

Day 3 — 10am-4pm

  • Firing

Day 4 — 10am-1pm

  • Unpack kiln
  • Clean and Prep kiln and fireboxes
  • Analyse, share and document the results
  • Where to next



  1. With whatever stoneware clays you have, throw about 8-10 cylinders no bigger that the length of a house brick.
  2. Explore blending clay bodies. The more variety of clay bodies the better. Keep accurate notes on what clay bodies you use and the blends. Number pots for cross reference.
  3. These pots should be leather-hard for decorating with slips on week 1
  4. Bring a camera if you can to record all results.
  5. Bring a notebook to carefully record all your tests.

If you would like to discuss what clay bodies you are using please contact Maryke Henderson on

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