Slip casting – Multiple Part Moulds with Mark Saunders


Slip casting – Two Part Moulds with Mark Saunders

Saturday 12 & Sunday 13 October 2019

10am – 3pm

$215    (includes plaster and slip – firing not included)

Suitable for:

  • beginners who have done the introduction to clay course
  • intermediate, and advanced students
  • no prior experience with mould making is required as the basics will be covered.

This course is an introduction to making moulds for slip casting, focusing primarily on simple multiple part moulds to replicate simple shapes rather than functional tableware.

Participants will make a two piece mould of an orange as an exercise that will cover the fundamental aspects of multiple part moulds for slip casting. Through this process you will develop an understanding of how multiple part moulds work that you can apply to your own practice.

Places are limited so book early.

Course outline

Day One

  1. Guide to basic terminology relating to mould making and slip casting.
  2. Demonstration of how to make the first part of  a two piece mould of an orange.
  3. Students set up their fruit for the first pour of plaster.
  4. Demonstration  and explanation of mixing plaster.
  5. Students pour the first part of their mould.
  6. Demonstration for second part of the mould.
  7. Students set up and pour the second part of their mould.

Day Two

  1. Demonstration of mixing powdered casting slip.
  2. Demonstration of casting slip in a mould.
  3. Students cast slip in their moulds.
  4. Demonstration of cleaning up seam lines.
  5. Exploration of different types of moulds and discussing how they were made.
  6. Examining objects participants have brought in and discussing how to go about making a mould of them.

Note: Day Two will be more theory based than practical because of time constraints.

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