Skillset – Throwing cylinders – with Maryke Henderson

Evening intensive course – FULLY BOOKED

Wednesday 1, Thursday 2, and Friday 3 May

6.30pm – 9.30 pm


materials and firing not included

Suitable for –

  • anyone who has completed the Wheel Basics class and can centre clay consistently.
  • anyone who wants to make lighter, lovelier pots.

Maryke is an expert at helping participants to refine their technique and make much better pots.

In this workshop she will talk about, and demonstrate, the skills required for preparing clay for throwing, making a cylinder and pulling up to get even walls and increased height in your cylinders.

Maryke will take you through a series of structured exercises in order to help you understand the form of your pots. The focus will be on improving your techniques and critiquing the quality of your forms.

The cylinder is the basic shape for many functional forms; mugs, jugs, vase forms, jars, teapots etc. By concentrating on throwing cylinders you will address any inherent issues in your throwing technique.

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