Layered Glazes with Lia Tajcnar

Layered Glazes

 Sunday 18 & Monday 19 November  $240

10am – 4 pm     Workshop 2

  • Firing and decorative materials included.
  • Firing to Cone 6 is included.
  • Please bring up to 20 bisque fired tiles (max size 10 x 15 m) and a few small bisqued items you can use to experiment. We can only fire small items as part of this course.

Suitable for

  • intermediate students
  • advanced students

Lia Tajcnar has degrees in painting & ceramics. She loves to combine colour, pattern & imagery with tactile form in her ceramics practice. She is ever curious and experiments with techniques gleaned from other mediums to tap into the vast range of creative possibilities inherent in ceramics. Lia’s teaching philosophy is to support students in developing their own vision through experimenting, testing and risk-taking and critically evaluating their work with playful and creative enquiry.

To see Lia’s work visit her Instagram @curiosity.smith

In this course you will

  • Experiment with a range of techniques for developing luscious and complex surfaces through layering Cone 6 glazes & underglazes on bisque work
  • use of resists, including wax, latex & paper/plastic stencils with stamping, carving, painting and stencilling using glazes, underglazes and stains
  • Explore ways of creating meaning and telling stories through imagery and pattern
  • Apply these concepts and techniques to your own work
  • Develop your own design ideas and reflect on your own and others’ work
  • Construct a library of experimental techniques and concepts on tiles to inform your own practice.

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