Introduction to Clay

Introduction to Clay – $385 (new price)

Suitable for–beginners (clay and firing included – there are limits on the quantity to ensure that quality is maintained in your work)

Class options –

  • weekly – one class a week for 9 weeks
  • intensive – 4 days over the course of two weeks. See dates below.

Term Classes

Term Two weekly classes for 2019 commence in the week starting Saturday May 4.   Bookings for Term 3 2019 will open in late May.

Only classes with available spaces will appear on the dropdown list. We do not keep a waitlist. If there are cancellations spaces will be opened so check the dropdown list below.

Weekly classes are available on;

  • Tuesday,  Thursday  and Friday 6-9pm
  • Friday 10am-1pm
  • Saturday 9.30am – 12.30pm*
  • Saturday 2pm – 5pm*

Only classes that have available spaces will appear in the drop down list below, click the red arrow to see all available classes. Once classes are full they disappear from the form.       

For more information on class dates click here. Please note that Canberra Potters’ term classes do not run on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday of a long weekend. Friday classes run as normal.

In Term 2 there are two ACT long weekends,

  • Reconciliation Day Monday 27 May and
  • Queen’s Birthday Monday 10 June

*Saturday Intro Courses will finish on 13 July to accommodate the long weekends, 2 weeks later than the other term 2 courses. Friday classes run as normal.

NB. This course follows a set curriculum, it is not possible for missed classes to be made up on another day or time.

This course takes students through a range of techniques for working with clay.

  • Sessions 1 to 3 –  students get a feel for clay and its properties through various hand-building techniques and projects.
  • Session 4 – introduction to glazing
  • Sessions 5 to 7 – focus on the potter’s wheel, learning to centre clay (the basis for all wheel-throwing) and form cylinders and other shapes.
  • Session 8 – work produced during weeks so far is glazed ready for final firing.
  • Session 9 –  a raku firing takes place when students will see some of their pots go through the raku rapid firing process. This is weather dependant and may not happen in very hot or high fire danger conditions.

Health and safety aspects of working with clay and pottery materials are covered during the course.

Intensive Classes

Intensive Intro–the same course packed into 4  days.

April – still at old price $375

  • Saturday 13, Sunday 14, Monday 15, and Sunday 28 (9 am – 4.30pm)

June – $385 (new price)

  • Saturday 8, Sunday 9, Monday 10, and Sunday 22 (9 am – 4.30pm)

July – $385 (new price)

  • Saturday 6, Sunday 7 and Monday 8 and Sunday 21 (9 am – 4.30pm)

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