Student/Teacher Exhibition

Presentation of awards Saturday 12 May 4pm

This annual event is our opportunity to celebrate the skills and creativity of the many students—adults and children— who attend classes at Canberra Potters. It can be quite daunting putting your work on public display so participating in this exhibition is not mandatory but instead we leave it up to the students to decide when they feel ready to exhibit.

A very full program of classes is run throughout the year. Adult classes include hand-building and wheel work and provide tuition for both beginners and experienced potters. Canberra Potters has one of the best facilities in Canberra for after-school, weekend and holiday classes for children including pottery wheels for every student in a class and a range of other equipment. Class work includes decorating and glazing techniques and students gain an understanding of the firing process.

A strong, experienced team of teachers is invaluable in guiding students in their exploration of clay and creativity and we are fortunate to have experienced teachers who are all excellent potters in their own right. Their work will be exhibited along with the student work.


Intro Image: Lea Durrie