Light, fire, flowers

To be opened by David Whitbread on Thursday 13 September at 6pm


This collection of work shows the primary concerns of each artist and their practice. It highlights their different approaches to making work and building small conversations on life, community, society and the natural world that we inhabit.

Racheal Bruhn – Light – includes a collection of 1,000 small watercolour paintings based on the changing colour and light that endure over a repetitive sequence. Racheal works with ideas of small precious shapes usually overlooked.

Amanda Bruhn – Fire – features white raku clay faces reproduced through moulding and remoulding, positive and negative forms in concert with the fluidity of the finishing fire producing multiple pieces.

Brendan Smith – Flowers – considers our relationship to gardens and gardening. Brendan’s work plays with the poetics of storytelling as he builds visual relationships that graft shapes and colours to used materials to form new and ever-changing possibilities.


Previous page image: Racheal Bruhn, untitled (detail)