Opening Event: Thursday 6pm 18 April 2019

Open 10-4pm Tuesday-Sunday


For this year’s EASS exhibition we have reverted to a group exhibition titled Arrivals and featuring the work of Naomi Eburn (Bachelor of Visual Arts / BA), Katrina Leske (Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) / BA) and Tanya McArthur (Bachelor of Design Arts).

Eburn’s work consists of tall wheel-thrown, soda-fired vessels, their shapes subtly altered away from the spherical. Leske’s work explores the ceramic vessel’s ability to function as an agent for bodily process and the human experience, both in its creation and in one’s experience of the completed form. These vessels combine wheel-thrown and textured slab elements, culminating in pieces that act as visual representations of the bodily movements involved in their creation. McArthur’s functional works are wheel-thrown, the porcelain clay sometimes enhanced with inclusions. The quiet glazes and simple shapes, often ‘nested’ into sets, belie the skill with which they are created.

These three emerging artists create quite different ceramic works that, combined, are sure to give a cohesive exhibition showing some of the many forms, techniques and finishes that can be achieved with clay.


Featured Image: Katrina Leske, Counterpoint #1 and #2. Saggar-fired stoneware, 2018. Image courtesy of the artist.