Canberra Potters Members’ Exhibition

The Curatoreum People’s Choice Award Winner

Leonie Lucey – Praying Mantis

Doug Alexander Memorial Award

Robyn Campbell – Contour

Left to right: Robyn Campbell and guest judges Dr. Julie Bartholomew, Head of Ceramics ANU School of Art and Design, Janet Fieldhouse, Canberra Potters visiting Artist-in-Residence.


Craft ACT: Craft & Design Centre Award 1 Exhibition Inclusion

Katrina Leske – Lambency


Craft ACT: Craft & Design Centre Award 2 Exhibition Inclusion

Paul Dumetz – Large Blue & Medium Green Bowls


Keane Ceramic Best Handbuilt Award

Monika Leone – Tidepools


Walker Ceramics Brian Privett Award for Surface Decoration

Chris Harford – Banquet Dish


Cesco Award for Wheelthrowing

Katrina Leske – Decibowls


The Australian Ceramics Association Merit Award 1

Steve Roper – Blue Guitarist


The Australian Ceramics Association Merit Award 2

Sue Fisher – Chalice of Shame, Chalice of Wonder


Clayworks Tertiary Student Award

Mahala Hill – Bleached in Time


The Australian Ceramics Association Tertiary Merit Award

Daniel Leone – Nature’s Guardian


The Curatoreum People’s Choice Award

Leonie Lucey – Praying Mantis


Canberra Potters once again presents some of the best work of its members. Innumerable combinations of different clays and making, decorating and firing techniques give rise to a broad range of works that ostensibly use the same materials but each exhibit unique and individual characteristics, forms, textures and colours.

The premier award of the exhibition is the Doug Alexander Award and thanks to a generous team of sponsors, a range of other awards were presented at the official opening on the 5 October.

Canberra Potters membership covers a wide range of skills and interests and includes professional ceramic artists, talented and dedicated hobbyists and tertiary ceramics students. The members’ exhibition aims to showcase the excellence and diversity found in the work of some of these 330 plus members.  Each year the exhibition spans the pottery spectrum from functional to sculptural work and should be of interest to visitors whether they come with an already-cultivated interest in ceramics or a fresh curiosity.

Exhibition sponsors:

Clayworks, Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre, Keane Ceramics, The Australian Ceramics Association, Walker Ceramics (Walker, Feeney & Cesco products) and a new addition for 2017, The Curatoreum.

Image: Liz Crowe, Untitled, Southern Ice porcelain, Walkers No.10 clay, Obvara raku ring, wax, sterling silver collars and stems (not made by artist). 2016 Doug Alexander Award winner.