Canberra Photographic Society: Out There 2019

Out There is returning to Watson Arts Centre in 2019. The exhibition, curated by Canberra Photographic Society, allows the society to once again show the full range of the work of its members and allows all those members to showcase their work regardless of topic or experience.

The goal of Canberra Photographic Society is to help its members achieve their photographic potential. They all share a common interest in photography and in what they see but they interpret and respond differently. They use photography sometimes to summarise a place, or to record a moment in time, or a sequence of moments, or to suggest a mood, or to document an event, seeing their world as colours and textures as well as events/people/places/objects. They all celebrate the visual world, interpreting it in a visual medium, but their interests and outcomes are often quite diverse. As a photographic group, that is its shared culture.

Displaying finished printed work is a vital and continuing stage of the photographic process, in addition to more transient screen-based work. Out There 2019 will explore and promote to the Canberra community the artistic, cultural and social aspects of photography as a form of visual expression.


Image: Dave Bassett, Nature Guide, year unknown. Image cropped for website.